KM Products BV is a company that manufactures many valuable raw materials and additives in-house. These meet all the requirements and standards with respect to extra growth, slaughter yield and meat quality in beef cattle and meat pigs.
KM Products BV manufactures and distributes under FASFC authorisation number (T8.3) BE104.124 and FCA-MP/MH 04/849 and has its registered office in Diksmuide in West Flanders, Belgium
– Quality:
We follow the standards of the Feed Chain Alliance. All raw materials must meet these standards based on a strict protocol.
Samples are taken from all raw materials and stored for six months to guarantee perfect traceability, quality and safety.
– Logistics:
We deliver to various countries and can rely on a strong logistics network.


Supplementary animal feed

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Both for cattle and pigs

Smooth logistics process (strong in Belgium & abroad)
Belgian product manufactured in-house
Product tested multiple times
FCA/GMP Label certified & recognised by FAVV


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